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DJ INTERVIEW: We catch up with DADDY SQUAD ahead of the next SUGAR DADDY!

Ok, so we’re ready for another session of sweet daddy goodness, so ahead of the next installment of SUGAR DADDY over at super club FIRE at on Saturday the 6th May, we chat to headline DJ, Andrew Armstrong the man behind DADDY SQUAD.. all things London, POP Royalty and Sugar Daddy!

You’re headlining Sugar Daddy this month – what can people expect from your set?

So excited to play! My first time playing in an all male space. As a DJ on the night, do I get my pay cut if I head to the Daddy Playroom after my set? Or do I get paid extra? Something to think about…

For my set, I normally play a mix of Italo disco new and old, with some classics in there, and with a few touches of classic club cuts as well. I make a lot of my own bootlegs, like one recently for “Let’s All Chant” – by Michael Zager Band, or one of Raffaella Carra – Rumore, that works for well for the Continental Daddies out there. Also my collabs with people like S’Express and Dita Von Teese, and new Italo Disco tracks from people like Terr, Kendal, Boys’ Shorts, Hifi Sean, or more dirty with stuff from Catz n Dogz, Joyce Muniz, or Hammer.

Sugar Daddies!

 As one half of the band Monarchy, it feels right that you’re doing it on the night of the Coronation. What tunes will you be playing to mark the occasion?

I must admit I’m not much of a monarchist. It’s a quaint tradition, but quite elitist, and living in 2023 we should be doing more to support the less fortunate, not enshrining the wealth and power through birth right. So largely, I’ll be completely ignoring their requests, and playing for the Daddies in front of me. There’ll be enough royalty in the room to keep us busy.

What are three Italo-disco records that make for a good intro to the genre?

We could start with a classic, like

Patrick Cowley – Megatron Man

For something new that has been working well for me:

Kendal – Come To Me

For one of mine, with the legendary S’Express:

S’Express x Daddy Squad – Music4TheMind (Hifi Sean remix)

You lived in London for a while. What makes the queer club culture different to other places you’ve been to?

London has a very long history and culture of dance music which adds a lot of depth to the club scene. People know their rave classics, club classics, and disco, through to pop moments. It’s amazing.

I also love the ever-growing diversity in queer club culture in London, with all types of bodies being celebrated, and all types of masc and fem aspects. There used to be a lot of guys in sportswear, which can be cute, but now those same guys don’t mind accessorising with a corset, which I love. It’s great that people are expressing themselves more fully, and exploring more freely now.

For sure queer clubbing is bigger in London than a lot of European cities, with an amazing range on offer these days, and I love seeing that and being part of it. We need to spread queer culture as much as we can.

Sugar Babes!

Name three people that would be in your Daddy Squad ?

Funnily enough, I called it Daddy Squad because I wanted to make a supergroup of daddies. It never eventuated, so I just went solo. On my list were Jake Shears, Mark Moore/ S’Express, Andy from Hercules and Love Affair, Hifi Sean, maybe a collab with Pet Shop Boys, or King Daddy Elton John. Total Daddies and seemingly all lovely people. Luckily I’ve worked with S’Express and Hifi Sean, so I’m slowly working through the list of Daddies.

One last thing, what’s your guilty pleasure when it comes to sugar.?

For Easter, I tried covering my boyfriend’s ass with Nutella and eating it off. Does that count? I wouldn’t recommend it though, it was a mess.

DADDY SQUAD’S new album “All Day All Night Automatic” is out on June 16, if you can’t wait that long,  the new single “All Day Automatic” is out on May 5th!

Make sure you check out Daddysquad’s set at SUGAR DADDY,

Saturday, May 6th at FIRE VAUXHALL.


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