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Den Loungewear: We chat with creator and founder Glenn Scott

If you’re like us and love a bit of comfort and style, you might already follow Den Loungewear on socials, you might have seen them on the Go Go’s at the recent Beefmince Big Ball or even modelled by the lovely John Whaite too… and if you haven’t well we would like to introduce you to your next favourite brand.

We caught up with founder Glenn to tell us all about Den Loungewear, his range, and of course where you can get yourselves hooked up!

Hi Glenn! Give us a brief intro of how Den Loungewear got up and running

It was a lockdown dream that has turned into a reality! I failed miserably at knitting, baking, and gardening during covid so turned to something I loved and knew I was good at, fashion, as a new project! I always dreamt of starting my own brand and like many people, finding myself redundant in the middle of lockdown, I took the plunge and used the wedding fund we had been saving up ( with the full support of my loving partner Mark) to buy stock of our first two Union Suits!

Mark, Glenn & Pooch

What’s your background in the fashion world?

I did a degree in Fashion Buying many years ago and have worked for several major high street retailers including Next, Topman ( RIP!) and Primark over the last fifteen years as a menswear buyer. As well as clothing departments, one of the main categories I bought across most of the retailers I worked for was underwear and loungewear so I’ve built some really special relationships with factory teams across Turkey and the Far East over the years. Leaving my role as a buyer and starting up DEN on my own, I reached out to these friends who have been so brilliant in helping me source and develop the collections.

Tell us a bit about Den Loungewear’s approach to sustainability.

We believe people should be buying better quality products less often. Fast fashion itself is highly unsustainable –  we believe clothing should be crafted for a purpose and to last. We pour all of our love into making the best quality gear we can so our customers will love and treasure them just as much! By using the best quality fabrics and trims, we have created a product that people will keep season after season and can also pass it on to a friend or charity to give it a new use. Since starting DEN we have always supported our customers with advice and guidance in repair and re-wear techniques to help extend the life of their Union Suits. We use BCI-certified cotton and organic cotton where possible and actively work to minimise the packaging used thought our production and delivery process. All of the packaging we use for sending out garments to customers is made from recycled sources for example.

What pieces have been proving popular so far?

As we head into summer, the short sleeve union suits in our much-loved stretch rib fabric have been flying out! The fuchsia pink is a bold and punchy colour and looks great on as does the gorgeous deep,  peacock blue! They are super comfy and perfect for taking away on holiday! We never travel anywhere without ours now!

Is there anything you can tell us about Den Loungewear’s upcoming collections/ seasons?

We listen closely to what our customers are asking for and use this to help guide our new ranges. The Jock has been one of our most requested liens so we are super keen to announce those launching very soon! Now we are known for the high quality of our union suits, we are keen to always offer the classic styles people love us for, but keep the range refreshed with new colours! We never repeat a colour so once they are gone, they are gone – that’s what keeps our core collections exciting and constantly new. Inclusivity is so important to us, so we’re also keen to offer fits and shapes for everybody, the new XXL proved super popular so that has become a staple size in every new launch – we are working closely with our factory teams to develop further sizes and fits across the ranges.

Aside from loungewear, what else do you need to completely switch off and relax?

My partner Mark and I love to go away camping! We both used to travel lots pre covid with our jobs but since we got our little dog Dolly in lockdown, we’ve found getting away for a few days into the English countryside is a great way to relax unwind and switch off! Plus DEN union suits are perfect for wearing on a camping trip so we get to best out of all of our products!

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