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Curious about electro-sex? It’s easier than you think, especially with ElectraStim

Anybody that’s felt the buzz of a prostate massager or cock ring will attest to the fact that electricity can add something wholly unique to a sexual experience, and you can push this sensation even further with ElectraStim’s range of products.

Take the ElectraStim KIX, for example — a lightweight and pocket-sized stimulator that packs enough punch to give more daring newbies a real taste of what’s possible but is subtle and controllable enough that users with more sensitive nerve endings can play at lower levels. It also comes with a set of conductive pads that can be stuck to your body in a variety of different ways during masturbation or sex with a partner. Here are a few popular configurations, but you can also let your imagination run wild!

Cock Ring and Pad

Probably the simplest configuration for male users, a cock ring just under the head and a single conductive pad can focus the electro stimulation throughout the penis. Any ElectraStim stimulator can be used. A little conductive gel or even water-based lube on the inside of the cock ring or loop will improve the connection and make the sensation feel smoother and more enjoyable. 

Two Pads, One Bum

A crowd-pleaser and setup that can be enjoyed by everyone. Place a pad on each buttock and crank the stimulation up for muscle-tensing, booty-shaking pleasure. Try using a sex toy or fingers at the same time and enjoy how much the clenching of your bum muscles affects how penetration feels.

Prostate Milking

When you’re using electro-sex toys, your body completes a circuit between the stimulator, the toys and your nerve endings. If you want to feel intense stimulation in the prostate, for example, the shortest external route is to place your pads so the current ‘crosses’ the prostate in this case by having one against the pubic bone and the other on the perineum. The same principle applies to clitoris owners too; pop a pad against the labia majora on either side and the stimulation will pass over the desired area.


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