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Cult pop podcast stored in The British Library

Unflopped to sit alongside the Magna Carta and the writing of Shakespeare

When next century’s historians want to research why Nadine Coyle’s debut single ‘Insatiable’ failed to set the charts alight, they will have now have the resources at their fingertips to do so. The British Library – the capital’s buttress of knowledge and literary greatness – have taken it upon themselves to add Unflopped, the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ music commentary podcast, to their vast collection, citing it as an example of a project that will ‘enhance, enrich and bring different perspectives’ to their collection. Or maybe they just want to listen to lesser-known Cher singles. Either way, the show’ll be there for listeners to discover for years to come.

Nobody was more surprised by this than co-host Stuart Edmonds: “When we started Unflopped we just wanted a place to talk about pop music and have a kiki.” The concept is simple: in each episode, Stuart and co-host Sean Vickers each bring a flop single that they think deserved to be a hit. Judge Joe Heaney critiques each track and ultimately chooses one to be officially “Unflopped”. Recent episodes feature should-have-been-hits by the likes of Whitney Houston, Taylor Swift, Dead or Alive, Celine Dion, and Kylie. Joining the permanent hosts to discuss all things pop have been guest judges DJ Jodie Harsh, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK queen Crystal, Kiki and Herb star Justin Vivian Bond, and Duckie legends the Readers Wifes.

If you want to hear what all the fuss is about, you can find Unflopped on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all podcast platforms, or at unflopped.com.


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