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Cruise On Down to Vault 139

Coming up to its fifteenth anniversary, this infamous cruise bar is a must-visit spot when you’re in the middle of the city and in the mood for a little fun…

Pretty much all Londoners quickly find the compass point of the city they vibe hardest with and set up home there, but regardless of where they end up, they still need a pretty good knowledge of the centre — we’re talking a classy date spot, a reliable place for dinner and a late-night dancefloor. Oh, and somewhere to squeeze in a quick shag, too.

That latter place should be Vault 139, in our humble and honest opinion. Open for exactly half the week — 1pm-1am, Monday to Sunday — this subterranean cruise joint is tucked away in  that surprisingly quiet bit between Warren Street and Goodge Street. Head down the steps and you’ll find a bar against which to lean and survey the talent, plus all sorts of darkened corridors and crevices in which to get your mitts on each other.

There are four main sessions happening throughout the week. During CRUISE, guys start with their clothes on, which is perfect for those who get off on the anticipation of imagining what lies underneath —  you don’t have to wait too long to find out normally!

UNDERWEAR and NAKED are a little more self-explanatory, with visitors stripping down as soon as they enter and mingling in among a heaving crowd of semi-clad or completely nude fellas — think Roman orgy vibes.

ALL or NOTHING gives you the option of keeping your kit on or going starkers — some men really love the power dynamic that comes with a mix. Some people also choose to wear kinkwear, like leather or rubber, during this session and it’s a great way of exploring what turns you on.


CRUISE 1pm-7pm
NKD 7pm-1am


CRUISE 1pm-1am


CRUISE 1pm-7pm



CRUISE 1pm-7pm

NKD 7pm-1am


CRUISE 1pm-1am


CRUISE 1pm-7pm

ALL or NOTHING 7pm-1am



ALL or NOTHING 7pm-1am

We chatted with Mike from Vault 139 and gave him some quickfire questions. Here’s what he had to say.

In general, which of the four sessions are most popular?

All sessions are popular but prepare to queue for NKD and All or Nothing
What’s one thing a newbie to Vault 139 should know?
Newbies should know staff are on hand if they need us and consent is key, respect each other and no means no, inappropriate behavior is not tolerated.
How are you going to celebrate the 15th birthday this year?
Watch this space for  info on another debauched neon extravaganza lol

Throughout the week, there are special offers to reel the punters in, whether that’s free entry for those lucky enough to be aged 25 and under on Wednesdays and Sundays, as well as the same for Blue Light/CAC cardholders and students on Tuesdays. As well as that, there are one-off parties happening sporadically throughout the year, during which the neon paint comes out and the blacklight turns on — these are especially sexy dates, so keep an eye out for these!

Vault 139 is located at 139-143 Whitfield Street, W1T 5EN,

Nearest Station: Warren Street, vault139.com

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