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The Ku DJ Quest: Could you be Ku Bar’s next superstar DJ?

Some people think that DJing is just turning up to a bar with a copy of Now That’s What I Call Music! on CD, pressing play and ignoring requests. They couldn’t be more wrong – well maybe not about the requests bit. There’s a fine art to doing it well: choosing tunes that fall neither into the categories of obvious or esoteric; segueing between these without anybody noticing; keeping people on the dancefloor and away from the ever-tantalising smoking area or the Grindr home screen. The best DJs make it look easy but it’s actually incredibly difficult.

If you think you’ve got the skill set required, one of London’s most popular gay clubs, Ku Bar, is giving you the chance to prove it in front of a crowd of discerning drinkers. DJ Quest 2022 is its annual competition to find the freshest DJ talent while fitting in with the Ku vibe – a little bit of glamour, a touch of camp, and a complete absence of pretension. The winner will be somebody who’s able to mix the latest chart music with a distinctive style, while also turning a bit of a look. Not drag by any means, but a step above the outfit you’d wear to a quarterly appraisal with your line manager.

To put yourself up in the running, all you have to do is send a sample mix along with a photo of yourself and a brief introduction to djquest@ku-bar.co.uk. The heats will be held every Friday starting from April 1st at Ku’s Leicester Square venue, until competitors are whittled down to a chosen few that will battle it out in the grand final on Friday May 27th. The winner will be rewarded with a weekly residency and a cash prize of £1,000. Think how many Ariana Grande remixes that could buy you.

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