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Comedy and Community: Don’t miss JOCK NIGHT’S provocative take on modern gay culture

Jock Night by Adam Zane is a bold new comedy-drama that dares to peel back the veneer of modern gay culture. Through humour and wit, it shines a spotlight on provocative issues within the LGBTQ+ community, using the power of theatre to educate, empower, and entertain.

At its core, Jock Night is a theatrical soap opera that skilfully navigates the complexities of contemporary gay life, love, and relationships. While it offers plenty of laughter, it doesn’t shy away from addressing the serious challenges that affect us all. From confronting the stigma surrounding HIV to emphasising the critical importance of sexual health and access to PrEP, Jock Night is a candid mirror reflecting our lived experiences.

Playwright and director Adam Zane underscores the potency of comedy in breaking down barriers and creating a safe space for vital conversations. He notes, “Even in the face of adversity, laughter can be our greatest ally.”

Taking its impact to the next level, Jock Night also collaborated with 56 Dean Street, the award-winning NHS sexual health service. On 11th October, before the matinee performance, providing free sexual health advice and on-site screenings at Seven Dials Playhouse. Importantly, this service was open to everyone, not just ticket holders.

Jock Night demonstrates that laughter is a potent weapon against ignorance, and knowledge is a shield against prejudice. It reinforces that theatre isn’t merely about entertainment but a platform for community, education, and empowerment. So, brace yourself for a wild and sexy ride with Jock Night, where comedy and compassion unite to create a transformative stage for change.

Jock Night is ON NOW extended til 11th November. 
Seven Dials Playhouse, 1a Tower Street, WC2H 9NP.
Nearest Station: Covent Garden
For tickets visit: www.sevendialsplayhouse.co.uk/shows/jock-night

Jock Night


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