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Cheryl, our Divas Dragony Aunt is back to answer your Halloween issues!!

Hello my divas! I’m back for another month of not doing mediocre but answering your woes, worries and questions. Now we are rounding off the month of October and most of you will associate this month with the oookie spookie season of Halloween but for me October is all about.. ME as its my birthday and yes, you did may have missed it as it was the 18th, but its fine I’m still accepting gifts and RuPeter badges. But lets get down to business with some Dragony Aunt Answers for you dolls and if you have anything you want advice from this queen, you can email me at cheryl@gaylondonlife.co.uk and I could be answering you next month!

Hello Cheryl,

I love how Sassy you can be sometimes, I love trying to be sassy but sometimes it comes across as mean, how do you do it?

Tracy, Hampstead

Cheryl: “Hi Trace my diva, now sassiness is a very fine line as you say and its all about how you convict it. There has to be a sense of cheekiness or humour otherwise you’re just cussing everybody out. Sprinkle a little bit of humour and think about your tone in which you say it, I’ve been getting away with calling peoples outfits ugly for years.” 


Hi Cheryl

I’m thinking of trying drag for the very first time for a Halloween party I’ve been invited to, what are your beginner’s tips ?

Marc. Coulsdon

Cheryl : “Hi Marc, now first timers for drag are either Halloween or pride. You dont wanna be sweating your tits off in drag for the first time in the middle of summer so Halloween is perfect. I would decide on what look you want to go for and let everything else follow that. Youtube videos are great for following for all the tips and tricks in doing drag makeup and most great makeup products are affordable from the high street shops. And if it goes tits up- just throw blood on your face, and play dead!” 


Dear Cheryl,

I’ve been dating a guy for the last 6 months and last week, I finally showed him me in drag and he hated it, he’s said he doesn’t want me to do it anymore.. what should I do?

Louis. Mitcham.

Cheryl: “My diva Louis, if drag is a passion of yours and it means so much to you- your partner should be rooting and being your cheerleader. Never change, compromise and stop doing things that bring you joy to please others. Have a conversation and talk to them. It might be that he doesn’t understand the world of drag (trust me, I’ve had to explain it to quite some people). If he is still being unreasonable then kick him to the curb cos you need to SHINE my shooting star!”



I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years now, and I keep having drama with his friends, we seem to have a mutual dislike for each other. I don’t know what to do to make things easier. He’s backed them over me a couple of times and feel it’s become a bit of a deal-breaker.. help!!

Tomas, Pimlico

Cheryl: “Tomas, trust me, we’ve all been there but don’t stress my love! Not everyone is going to get on in this life, and there is nothing wrong with that. I know it seems impossible right now as its your boyfriends friends, it doesn’t mean that it’s a deal breaker totally. I think there has to be a common ground everyone meets in the middle of civilness. Your boyfriend has to understand and respect you but equally the friends need to respect that you’re not going anywhere. Just take the higher ground and just let the kids be kids” 


Dearest Cheryl,

I have absolutely loved you since day one of Drag Race!! ( Just wanted to get that in !)  I’m trying to plan my first ever drag show, what tunes do you recommend right now to put on a banging set?

Delight, Richmond

Cheryl: “Well hello Delight my diva, firstly- THANK YOU! Now at a drag show you wanna get this party started… RIGHT NOW! So bangers, current hits and classics always go down well. If you’ve been to the venue before, you should have a gage of the energy and vibes. If I were you, chromatica or any badgalriri always goes down well in my eyes! Have an amazing first show!”

Hey Cheryl,

I’ve been invited to a DEAD FAMOUS Halloween party.. who should I go as?

Micky, Soho.

Cheryl: “Micky my darling, this sounds like an incredible party. There are so many late and great icons. In my personal opinion, Amy Winehouse or Freddy Mercury would be my top picks. Or Michael Jackson in thriller, just for that red leather jacket!”  

Keep your eyes posted for next month’s column and remember to get your problems solved, email cheryl@gaylndonlife.co.uk

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