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Cabaret Interview: Jason Reid chats to the sublime Shakona Fire

Born to entertain and tear up stages, that’s how I’d sum up the sublime Political Prinxcess of London, Shakona Fire. They always give their most with every detailed and passionate performance and if you haven’t seen them do their thing, you’re truly missing out. With a new show premiering this month that looks back at their first year in drag, I caught up with Shakona to find out more…

Jason Reid

JR: Your new show sounds really interesting and it’s a change of course for you. Why have you decided to go down the autobiographical route?

SF: Yes, it is different. Usually, I never tie my acts together but I started to realise that they all tell a story as they are so connected to where I was at the time. So that’s the main reason I decided upon this retrospective show style. When you look back, as you must be doing a lot right now, how do you feel?

SF: I feel so free. Back then, I used to feel like I had to always be busy and keep trying to be relevant but I’ve always wanted to do this and go on tour, and for this show, the main thing is some of the new things to tie it together.

JR: This show focuses on your first year as a queer performer and humxn — how have you grown since then?

SF: I’m a lot calmer now. Before my work was so abrasive and was a huge yell — now I’ve learnt to see the power in silence. It’s lovely when you get to a place where you feel you are one with your art.

Continued below….

Shakona Fire: Vol 1

JR:  Tell us what we can expect from the show in slightly more detail and will this be a series?

SF: You can expect acts that have not been seen on stage before, stories of how I made them and what was happening in my life at the time. Also, some more spoken word that I’m currently writing for the show. And hoping all goes well, Shakona Fire Volume 2 will happen for sure.

JR: What does your queerness mean to you?

My queerness means the ability to always evolve and change with not just my identity but my connection to myself. It’s an inner feeling that everyone has their own word for, which helps them navigate life.

SF: Who’s your current idol?

SF: My current Idol is someone who has always been my idol: Lilly Snatchdragon. They showed me that you can be political, funny and sensual, and it inspired me to tie all those things together. Before then, I always thought I had to keep them separate.

JR: What are your professional hopes?

SF: My hopes are to be a full-time working artist. My dream is still to live out of a suitcase with a show all over the world and call a place home, then make a new show and keep going. That has always been my ultimate goal.

Shakona Fire Volume 1 is on Thursday 30th June at The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AS. Tickets are available online, click here

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