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BUNKHAUS: Where Fetish Lives!

From this month onwards, London’s Zone-1 fetish hideout, Facility X, will be known as…BunkHaus! We caught up with Bane, head of the venue, to hear a little more about this identity change

You’re changing names this month — what’s the thinking behind the new one? 

We took over the running of Facility-X around 18months ago, and it’s been non-stop since. The original plan was to look at creating a sister venue to The Bunker London, but once we got kicked out of the premises, the focus shifted to making Facility-X the best lux fetish studio apartment London had to offer. It was clear we wanted to update and bring new life into this historic venue, so it seemed only right to relaunch under a new name. BunkHaus London seemed the perfect fit, continuing an evolution of the Bunker London brand, alongside a little bit of wordplay to hint toward Berlinesque ideals and overnight stays.

How has the first year or so been in the new location?

Well, we had the upheaval with our original premises fairly shortly after taking on the new place; so there was a bit of juggling to be done. I knew that the premises had amazing potential though and it could provide a different setting to our previous industrial dungeon space. We developed a fantastically loyal customer base at The Bunker London and it’s been a pleasure to bring them with us to BunkHaus, as well as welcoming so many new folks too!  We’ve had a few more setbacks than anticipated – I’m sure people will have had their fill of the ‘COMING SOON’ ads by now, but we’re finally here. Our Front of House Manager Hunter has been beavering away with the team, to get things well organised and ready so we can get things moving and welcome the community through our doors for Pride and Fetish Week.

Is there anything new on the facilities front?

We hit the ground running when taking over the premises; immediately looking to sort damp issues on site as well as updating the heating system once able, this was the first change that had to happen to ensure all our guests would thoroughly enjoy themselves all year round. There’s been some chops, changes and upgrades with furniture items on site to improve the space, as well as upgrades to our toy collection and impact play selection. We’re constantly reviewing and updating the facilities; being patrons of the place ourselves gives us a great working connection to how the space runs, as well as constantly monitoring our guest feedback to see what is wanted and needed. We will soon be looking to bring in booking add-on options for more specialist kit items to BunkHaus too!

Name one part of the space that you think might surprise people

It always depends what you’re looking for; I can’t name but one! The wet room is great, it’s well equipped & there’s an isolation cell with a sling in, which has some practical logistics. Actually, I should talk about our chain wall; it’s the thing that everyone should be able to recognise if you’ve ever seen pictures or content shot on site. It’s a sturdy 2m x 3m scaffold supported unit with a grid wall of thick steel chains. Ideal for climbing, or bondage! We’ve temporarily retired the St Andrews Cross in favour of using the Chain Wall in its place; the chain makes it versatile for locking points and the width of it means you could string at least a couple of subs up there side by side. Then the ambient light of the Philips Hue system could be set on disco mode to make the colours bounce and light throb behind them!

Without getting too graphic, what sort of things do people book out Bunkhaus for?

What happens in Bunkhaus stays in Bunkhaus; but in all seriousness, we like to provide a clean and hygienic space (I know, the words exude sex without me even trying), where consenting adults can feel comfortable and liberated enough to explore. Primarily we function as a location, so it’s all about setting a mood and ambiance, with considerations to scenery, comfort, lighting, and mood. Whether it’s tied down to a bed, swinging in a cell, tied up by a hoist, chained to a wall, soaked in the wet room, or simply taking a break to sit down and enjoy a cuppa; guests should feel that they are safe and secure to enjoy themselves, whether it’s taking pictures, creating content or finding somewhere intimate to escape.

Is there anything else you’d like to say? 

On behalf of myself and the team here at BunkHaus London, we’d like to say a big thank you and Gay London Life for all your help and support over the years and to our continued customers. Happy Pride and Happy Fetish Week, #SaveKinkSpaces and Padam.


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