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BUNKER LONDON : All change for 2022!

Today we chatted with the lovely Bane, head of Bunker and Facility X. There’s some big changes ahead during the start of this year and we wanted to place his statement out in full.

Any of you familiar with Bane and Bunker know what an incredible venue and facilities he provides and we’re excited to support Bunker and Facility X as it transforms over the next few weeks. Here’s what he had to say.

The Secret is Out!

On behalf of The Bunker London and Facility X, we want to thank you
for your custom and patience whilst we’ve been dealing with the
rollercoaster ride that the last couple of years has thrown at us all.

At the start of 2022 the Bunker London Ltd has been formed to manage the
ownership of both The Bunker London and the recently acquired Facility X.
Guests familiar with Facility X, will see that we’ve been reviewing and streamlining
the great standards already in place, to improve the guest experience.

Unfortunately the New Year has thrown an additional curve ball at us and our
landlord at The Bunker London will be reclaiming and repurposing the premises.
Sadly The Bunker London will be closing our doors for business on 10 April 2022.
Our online diary is updated, so you can book your final hoorah there now!

Any longstanding guests of The Bunker London need not worry about where to
go to for their nefarious needs, as Facility X is located nearby by Edgware Road
and we look forward to welcoming you all to the new home of Bunker London.


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