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Brief Encounters of the TEDS kind

Liven up your Tuesdays by joining in the fun at Underwear Night at Ted’s Place.

Tuesdays. Quite a downer, aren’t they? With Monday, you’ve still got the post-weekend buzz swirling around you. Wednesdays are imbued with a little optimism at having reached the halfway point of the week. Tuesdays are…just meh. A day for doing laundry and job applications.

Don’t be defeated, however — you could add a little spice to your midweek by popping along to Ted’s Place, at which it’s Underwear Night all night every Tuesday. Strip down to your pants, get yourself a drink and meet some other fellas parading around in their smalls.

This isn’t just a social gathering, though. You don’t need us to tell you that gay men in their underwear = some pretty raunchy action happening. It doesn’t take long for guys to disappear into the venue’s darkened corners and elasticated waistbands to hit the floor.

Hey, maybe Tuesdays aren’t so bad after all.

Underwear Night, Every Tuesday, 7pm-midnight, Ted’s Place, 305a North End Road, W14 9NS Nearest Station: West Brompton

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