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Brew Hunter’s SMOKEHOUSE comes to BACKSTREET

We talk with London’s primo leather daddy, Brew Hunter, about his upcoming night, SMOKEHOUSE

We last saw you at the Bishopsgate Institute during your Leather Weekend. How did the rest of the weekend turn out? 

It was great to see you guys joining us at Bishopsgate and presenting the first issue of Gay London Life to the amazing LGBTQ+ Archive that they have there. The Leather Weekend was amazingly hot and horny we first paid a slick and sexy tribute to The Daddy Of Fetish with a Tom of Finland night. The following night, there was a packed-to-the-rafters MASTERY event to finish off the weekend! It was the first time that a lot of the guys had headed back onto the scene after 18 months of lockdowns and frustration, and it was awesome to see the men of MASTERY getting down and dirty. There were so many familiar faces, as well as plenty of new guys looking hot AF in their leather gear.

We’re so pleased that you’re back hosting your MASTERYCLASSES, do you have any future plans for that? 

Absofuckinlutely! MASTERYCLASSES always have huge support and interest. I presented a couple online for Recon during the lockdowns, but I really enjoy talking face-to-face with guys about subjects that are not often discussed regularly or openly: BDSM ownership, for example, and Protocol: The Mindset of MASTERY. People can often be shy about asking questions in public afterwards but I was inundated with guys after the Leather Weekend MASTERYCLASS at Bishopsgate, as well as at MASTERY later that same evening. Many were saying how empowering they had found the talk and asking for more suggestions as to how they could apply these protocols and submissions to their own master/slave, dom/sub SM dynamics. The next MASTERYCLASS, when we can organise a time and venue, will be on cigars and smoke play, something a lot of guys are fascinated by and keen to learn about.

Tell us a bit about SMOKEHOUSE, your next event at The BackStreet.

Like MASTERY, this is my first SMOKEHOUSE event for quite a while, and I can’t wait to enjoy a fat cigar with my leather mates. The Backstreet, which hosts my events, has London’s best and sleaziest smoking yard out back which, with all the Cigar Daddys and their boys lighting up and playing hard, is quite a sight to behold! We also always have a couple of enthusiastic ashtray bois who are keen to kneel and serve. The SMoke guys obviously are gathered out back getting up to their bad-boy ways, but between smokes, they head back into the club to enjoy more action in the darkest corners. Obviously, the night is also for non-smokers and for smoke admirers, and everyone is welcome

Is there a dress code? 

Leather and rubber – as always at The Backstreet! Not everybody has, or indeed wants, a full Langlitz outfit, but as long as you are comfortable and have a well-thought-out, sexy and confident leather or rubber look, you’ll always be welcome. Rubber guys are always welcome at leather nights – and vice versa.

Do you have a favourite piece of gear you’ll be wearing? 

I never admit to what my favourite piece of kit is as it makes all the rest of the gear jealous! But I was recently presented with a Mr S leather cigar holster that clips onto my belt, chaps or harness/jock, and enables me to carry around a couple of fat stogies, my lighter and cigar cutter. I can squeeze in some packets of lube and a couple of fisting gloves, which I never like being without for too long. Also, people never recognise me without my Muir cap, so that’s always on!

If someone has never been and wants to try one of your nights, what tips do you have for someone new the leather and smoke scene?

Firstly, feel confident in a few choice leather items – you don’t need full regalia, as I said, to feel sexy and confident. Also, whether you’re dom or sub, every one of us felt nervous the very first time we set foot in a leather bar. Please pluck up the courage and just go for it! We’re all the same under the gear – all just guys who are into fetish and sex. Maybe persuade a mate to accompany you. You don’t have to be glued to the hip throughout the night! See if other guys online are attending and arrange to say hi. MASTERY certainly is a hardcore, hard-playing and high protocol leather/fetish event, but there’s also a great social buzz and camaraderie at the bar area, where guys meet up with friends they haven’t seen for ages. If you want, pop me a message through my social media to let me know you’re coming, and don’t be shy in saying hi. I’m always delighted to welcome newcomers to the events and introduce them to the guys and the scene. Any questions about the Leather or the SMoke scene – always ask the guys! Most leather/cigar men are only too pleased to discuss and share their interests. The only dumb question is an unasked one! Remember, we all started at the beginning.

And finally, we’re buying, what ya drinking? 

Cheers, guys! A few cold beers are always welcome – I’ve always gotta be full for the lads who like to drink from the tap!


SMOKEHOUSE, Saturday 4th December, 10pm-3am, The Backstreet, Wentworth Mews, Mile End, E3 4SP, masteryonline.com

Brew Hunter will also be launching the latest issue of DRUMMER magazine at MASTERY, Saturday 29th January, 10pm-3am, The Backstreet


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