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Brew Hunter’s MASTERY celebrates eight years on top!

Ahead of the eighth birthday of his club night MASTERY, Gay London Life catches up with one of the best-known names on the London fetish scene, Brew Hunter

Hey Brew, how has the start of 2022 been for you?

It’s started with a real bang! My events, MASTERY and SMOKEHOUSE returned – at long last – to The Backstreet after the frustration of all those months of lockdown. It was truly awesome to welcome loads of old friends, and an amazing new crowd of guys who had never been to The Backstreet before or had the MASTERY experience. People are starting to know that MASTERY welcomes rubber players as much as we welcome leather guys, so the mix is incredible – heady, hot and hardcore!

Your night Mastery turns eight in March. What can people expect from the party on the 26th?

Guys can expect a packed club of hard-playing, enthusiastic and welcoming leather and rubber men. It’s a night that just gets busier and busier, as more and more guys realise that nothing compares with true face-to-face fetish interaction. MASTERY is now recognised as THE no-holds-barred event for guys into heavy play and high-protocol ’Sex, SMoke & Submission’. It’s also THE main attraction for masters and their slaves, doms and their subs, cigar daddies and their ashtray bois, bikers and bears, and pups and gimps. It also has the friendliest bar guys and great prices, plus the sexiest and sleaziest smoke yard out the back where plenty of stuff happens!

Brew Hunter

What are your recollections of the first-ever Mastery?

The first MASTERY was a private affair. I had been very frustrated by the lack of SM-styled leather nights in London and so instead of waiting for something to happen, I decided I’d create my own event, which would recreate the sleazy style, vibe and attitude of the classic leather bars and the definitive days of the classic leather scene. I asked a few mates along to the Backstreet and we all had a wild night with our bois, subs and cigars. After that, the guys encouraged me to make it a regular affair. The Backstreet is London’s original and best Leather/Fetish club, and they were delighted to host the opening night. We continued on from there, including celebrating MASTERY PRIDE and MASTERY TOM OF FINLAND – all the milestones in the leather year!

Have you learnt anything from hosting the event over the last eight years?

What I’ve learnt over the years is that every couple of years or so, a new generation of leather player emerges. Many of them are youngsters who are starting to discover the harder side of the fetish scene, but there are always guys who have maybe been slightly wary of the scene, and only now are having a second ‘coming out’ in leather. The history, protocols and community of the leather scene are becoming more and more fascinating to many people, as they hear about them from others. More guys are enthusiastically exploring submission and hardcore service. Lockdown, I believe, made many people really dig down deep into their sexual psyches, and after many questions from loads of folk, that encouraged me to create a series of MASTERYclasses to address this thirst for knowledge. These classes include BDSM Ownership, Slavery and Submission, Cigars and Smoke Play plus the ever-popular Flogging and Impact Play. MASTERY is a night that allows Men to explore all these personal sexual and power dynamics. As I say to my guys, I don’t believe in fantasies – I believe in making them a reality, for everyone. If you’re a newcomer, I know it’s nerve-wracking walking in for the first time but believe me, you’ll never regret it. Come and join the MASTERY Men!

MASTERY ‘Men, SMoke & Submission’ – 8th Birthday, Saturday 26th March, 10pm,  The Backstreet, Wentworth Mews, E3 4SP, Nearest Station: Mile End



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