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BREW HUNTER’S Leather Weekend announced for 2021!

Brew Hunter celebrated MASTERY’s last Birthday in January 2020 at London’s
famous BACKSTREET club. Little did he know that it would be over 18months, and 3 lockdowns later before he could slowly bring together and
invite the London Leather scene together once again with his LEATHER
WEEKEND, where Brew wants to celebrate the UK Leather Scene’s fellowship,
history and sexuality.

Brew’s LEATHER WEEKEND opens on Friday 29th October 2021 with a tribute
night to the Father of Fetish, Tom of Finland, with a night hot and horny Friday
night event at London’s BACKSTREET – TOM 101! Tom’s artwork over the
decades has presented leather masculinity to its ultimate, and became the
template for the Leather male ideal. Dresscode is TOM OF FINLAND!

Brew’s Weekend then continues with an inaugural afternoon event on Saturday
30th October 2021 3 pm – 5 pm when London’s Bishopsgate Institute
, containing one of the world’s finest LGBTQ archives, hosts the 2021 Leather
Weekend’s ‘LEATHER P*RN’ event: A hands-on viewing of some of the
archive’s incredible and extraordinary collection of vintage Leather magazines
and a thrilling world-premiere presentation of some of the most hardcore work
of International/British Fetish Artist, ORPHEUS MEN ART.

PLUS A very much requested MASTERYCLASS by Brew Hunter – PROTOCOL: The Meaning OfMastery at 4pm.

The Weekend concludes that evening with Brew Hunter’s MASTERY 7TH
BIRTHDAY on Saturday 30th October 2021, at BACKSTREET. This is London’s
most anticipated Leather Event in 2021.

Keep up to date with everything BREW HUNTER and his Leather Weekened HERE!

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