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Brew Hunter: Happy International Fetish Day!

So? What’s yours…? Leather? Latex? Whips? Chains? Sneaks’n’sox? Smoking? Gloves? Boots? High heels, stockings and suspenders? The list goes on and on. One man’s fetish may leave another man totally cold, and wondering ‘WTF…’?  But that’s what’s so great about Fetish; it’s a thing (or things) that is/are totally individual for everyone – and then half the fun is sniffing out the rest of your Fetish ‘tribe’ to share and enjoy them with.

Perverts that we are, it was the Brits that first invented National Fetish Day in 2008 – a day supporting the BDSM community; it went International in 2009, and now is held on the third Friday of each New Year – now designed to increase awareness and support of all Fetishes, and to encourage us all to be open and free about our sexuality. 

Brew & Friend at Mastery

If you’re anything like me, you don’t need any excuse to get down’n’dirty into your Kinks and sexual turn-ons – but International Fetish Day is a special day to celebrate (…kind of like XXmas, but with ball gags instead of baubles) and a day that belongs to those of us whose sexual proclivities reach way beyond the ‘normal’ or ‘vanilla’. (It’s become a tradition to wear something purple, as part of the ‘Perverts wear Purple’ movement.)

IFD initially grew out of a response to the UK’s ‘extreme pornography’ laws (2008/9), which made it an offense to create or possess certain types of ‘pornography’ depicting consenting adults engaged in acts that are legal to perform. 

15 years on, things are thankfully far more open and the internet has made Kink far more accessible, encouraging and providing people with educational events and videos, so that we can all enter into our Fetish adventures safely, sanely and consensually. (But remember that a sexual Fetish isn’t always necessarily BDSM-orientated; it can be a single piece of clothing or footwear. Even a body part.)

So – get out there today and celebrate! Things to do?

  1. Obviously, SERIOUSLY indulge in your favourite Fetish!
  2. Get your Fetish mates together at a Kink Party. Think up some ‘imaginative’ competitions… and ‘prizes’!
  3. Treat yourself to some new gear or a ‘toy’ you’ve had your eye on for a while.
  4. Decide to support the few remaining Fetish clubs that are left – USE ‘EM OR LOSE ‘EM!
  5. As Fetish weeks and events start up again in the UK, think about attending not only the parties, but also the Kink talks – knowledge is power, remember!
  6. AND if you have a particular Kink skill or ability, and would enjoy sharing that knowledge, why not ask about creating your own event or class at a club or Fetish Weekend? Or think about hosting an event or a social that celebrates your own kink?
  7. Resolve not to be embarrassed asking questions (politely) about anything Kinky or Fetish-related. Remember – the only stupid question is an UNASKED one. Most Kinksters and hardcore Fetish players are only too pleased to answer any questions and share their interests… (YouTube also has videos covering many Kinks and Fetishes.)

I’ve really had a ball (or two) at various Fetish Weeks and Weekends presenting and sharing my experiences, with ‘Flogging and Impact Play’, ‘BDSM slave Ownership’, ‘Protocol: The Mindset Of Mastery’, ‘Cigar & SMoke Play’ etc.

At them, I’ve made friends throughout the Kink world who have introduced me to new dynamics, and to their individual (new-to-me) Fetishes; and I am beyond delighted when I see or hear about various Kinks and Protocols that I have talked about, that these guys have taken away, then twisted and tweaked into something personal, something new, horny and hardcore!

I have a theory that during the lockdown, a lot of people had the time to let their Kink imaginations take wing and their Fetish fantasies soar, digging deeper into their sexual psyches. I’ve spoken to many who now say “I’d love to be…” or “I wish I had the courage to try…” 

To them – to us ALL – my International Fetish Day message 2022 is: 

Don’t Dream It – Be it! Just do it, eh? (Enjoy!)


For more thoughts on Fetish, check out Brew’s online article: 

TOTEM & TABOO: An Origin of Fetish and Leather – 


Brew Hunter is acknowledged as the man who reignited London’s Leather Scene with his MASTERY night. 

A high-end, hardcore Leather Master and SM Dom, he is a passionate believer in the protocols, power and ability of our Fetish community to create an influential, robust, forward-looking and intoxicating fellowship, which has the ability to embrace all ages, strengths and experiences. 

Brew’s events are steamy, smoky, heavy, raunchy affairs; MASTERY is a hardcore Leather/Rubber night not to be missed, where cigar-smoking Brew has brought together an unequalled experience that unites the heady principles, power, respect, and ethics of the early ‘Old Guard’ days of the classic Leather Scene, with the new, innovative and enthusiastic 21st century ways of XX Leather, Rubber, pup/K9, Dominance, Discipline, S/Moke and Submission.

MASTERY, in spite of its fabled, and possibly fearsome, reputation, is also known as a truly welcoming environment to beginners and newcomers to the scene who wish to learn more, and meet with like-minded Dominants and submissives in an exciting, but totally safe, atmosphere.

Brew is also a well-known and hugely respected Fetish and SM Educator, having presented his ‘MasteryClasses’ at various London venues, online and during London Fetish Weeks for Recon, plus at his Leather Weekends.

The links for a number of his various online articles and Classes can be found on Brew’s Recon profile, SMOKINLEATHER.

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