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Boys In The Buff: A comedy spectacular for adults at The Drayton Arms Theatre

Too fat? Too thin? Never exercise? Gym crazy? Addicted to diets? Hate how you look in the nude? Been told “it’s only a joke”? Then this musical revue is for YOU!

Diana and her boys explore the nooks and crannies of their bodies and discover 101 ways to look fabulous, providing an inspirational evening celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes!

Diana and her boys sing, dance and tell stories about self-confidence, body image, and society’s unreasonably high expectations on our appearance. Building on their own self-esteem as they share personal stories they dare each other to reveal more of themselves as the evening progresses. With adult themes this is the comedy musical show to have some fun with your friends. You will leave with an enhanced self-worth, a song in your heart and a few laughs along the way.

Boys in the Buff explores body image and how we interact in our modern society. It’s banter and a lot of fun while enhancing our self-worth.

Diana Diamonte is the hostess of the evening, who inspires her ‘boys’ to explore subjects that affect us all: body image, bullying, name calling, selfies, diets, weight, beauty treatments, photoshop. This musical empowers us with confidence and self-love. With a strong cast who act, sing and dance through these topics! Musical comedy numbers that have an underlying poignancy.

It’s a riotous evening of fun, flesh and fabulous song and stats TONIGHT!

There’s still chance to get tickets HERE 



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