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Barbra Streisand and Joan Rivers reunite in new comedy The Funny Girls

It’s the fictional pairing you never knew you needed!

Barbra Streisand and Joan Rivers reunite in the brand new comedy “The Funny Girls”.

Bringing together two legendary talents in a brand new, ‘what if’ comedy, The Funny Girls explores the fantastical clash of ego and dreams between two young starlets: Barbara Streisand and Joan Rivers. Written by playwright Roy Smiles (Kurt and Sid; Ying Tong) this fictional reunion spawns from the pair’s infamous gig before their time in the spotlight, finding companionship in a short-lived off-off-off Broadway production.

Mia Tomlinson, The Funny Girls Pic by Michael Wharley

Two rising stars with big dreams, The Funny Girls follows the trials and errors of paving the way to success in bygone America and knowing when to seize your moment. From a dingy box theatre and questionable script to the bright lights of Vegas and TV stardom, both women vanquish their previous shortcomings to come out on top. But both cannot be the most talented Jewish woman on the planet.

Rosanna Harris, The Funny Girls pic by Michael Wharley

On this night Streisand’s mother has come to see the show. Barbra knows her mother will criticise. She knows her mother will dump on her dreams. She is terrified to face her. It’s up to Joan Rivers to talk her into going on stage: to become the star she will surely be. There is an agent in to see the show. It’s Rivers’ big chance. She will get Streisand on stage come hell or high water. Mayhem ensues.

Fast forward ten years: Streisand is playing Vegas. She is a huge star. Rivers is now a hugely successful comedian. The toast of The Tonight Show. She comes to visit Barbra.

Both believe they are the most talented Jewish woman on the planet. One of them is wrong….

Stepping into the shoes of the world-renowned superstars will be Mia Tomlinson and Rosanna Harris (as Barbra Streisand)

26 Oct 2021 — 21 Nov 2021 | Tuesday – Saturday 7.30pm Sundays – 4.00pm
November Thursday matinees – 3.00pm

Upstairs At The Gatehouse
Highgate Village
N6 4BD

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