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Back to the office, back to the gym. The Comeback!

Our health and well-being coach Taofique Folarin tells us all about his tips and tricks to get back into fitness after a long break or home workouts.

Back to the Office – back to the Gym. The Comeback.

Early morning living room workouts, zoom meetings in your pyjama bottoms, afternoon power naps, and evening park walks. Lockdown has definitely had its perks and allowed us time to focus and improve on our health and well-being.

The IG Lives with topless trainers, morning park runs to admire the local puppies and fitness app subscriptions getting you in positions you never dreamt possible. Home workouts have been great. Now, the inevitable return to the office is upon us and with it, ‘the comeback’ to the gym. As excited as you may or may not be to get back, it is useful to have a plan of action for your return.

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A few common errors that can hinder progress after a long break away from the gym;

  • Doing the most, all the things too soon and too fast.
  • Winging it, having no plan or any kind of structure.
  • Working on empty, not fuelling your workout or your day.
  • Overdoing it, failing to take enough rest between sets and workouts.
  • Not keeping it real, setting expectations on yourself that are too high and unachievable. Making these mistakes can leave you feeling unmotivated and burnt out in no time, which will not help you reach your desired goals.
  • Here are six tips to help you get back into the gym in a safe way, so you can feel good, inside and out, and don’t walk out of the gym looking like Bambi on ice.1. Bring It DownLower your weights to prevent putting too much strain on your muscles and joints. Focus on performing exercises with good technique and it won’t be long before you can go back to lifting the weight you were lifting before.2. Never Too Much

    There is no need to overdo it with a six-day-per-week routine right away and set yourself two steps back. Scale back the frequency of your gym workouts, after a couple of weeks, you can slowly increase to what you were doing before.

    3. Give it a Rest

    No matter how much lost time you think you need to make up for, don’t feel the urge to cut out rest or recovery. If you fail to take enough rest in between sets your form will likely suffer and increase your risk of injury.

    4. Warm it up, cool it down

    Warming it up will make it hurt a lot less. Taking the time to get your joints and body warm and mobile is also a great opportunity to get the mindset in check whilst protecting you from injuries.

    Even when you’re in hurry to get to that meeting, you still want to leave time cool it down post-workout. Bringing the heart rate down, and doing some static stretches will not only improve your mobility but also reduce your muscle soreness and stimulate post-workout recovery.

     5. Like a snack

Don’t find yourself in a ‘fast food-snack trap.’ Remember everything in moderation and being prepared for when the mid-afternoon munchies strike is going to help. Planning and prepping yourself a healthy lunch the night before, and having a range of healthy, high protein, low-cal snacks such as nuts, dried fruit and protein bars is a good way to  go.

Being back in the office does not mean that all our lockdown lessons need to go out the window. Eat well, sleep well, train well. If the gym is not for you, why not try out a new studio class? You can train with me at Barry Bootcamp.

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