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A decade of supplying the hottest gear! Esmale turns 10!

Back in October 2011, the virtual doors of gay sex toys superstore esmale opened for the first time so we thought we get in touch with the guys behind the only, online-only gay adult store in the UK. They since have become a full-blown store with fetish gear, underwear, essentials, and much more in addition to all the sex products. 

Arriving at the London premises we walked into a warehouse with many 1000’s of pleasure products. This, to say the least, was rather distracting. After a tour through the facilities we sat down with a coffee and talked our way through 10 years of esmale with the owners! Here are some of the highlights.

GLL: What was the motivation to start esmale?

After working for other people most of our working lives, we were keen to set something up for ourselves. The idea of being the master of our own destiny appealed a lot. 10 years ago, online shopping was already established but not as ingrained into day-to-day life as it is now, so we thought we might still be able to get a slice of the action. Through previous jobs we had some experience in online retail and were familiar with the adult industry. So an adult store for gay men felt logical. We wanted to set up an online shop that focussed on customer service and providing great products at good value.  

GLL: What is the thought behind the name esmale? 

Esmale came come from playing with the sentence “essentially for men”. We provide pleasure products for men. As a gay-run business, most of our customers are gay men but we also have plenty of customers that identify as Bi, Trans, Queer, Straight and other.  I guess if a store offers you the right product at a good price and provides great customer service it does not matter where you shop. Before we landed on esmale there were many other potential names in play but somehow esmale stuck. We pronounce esmale as E.S. MALE.

GLL: What are the most popular products?  

That is such a difficult one as we have so many different product areas. From sex toys, sex essentials, underwear, and Fetish Gear. Of course, products like lube and erection pills sell well as they are consumables. We also run the Popper Super Shop and poppers are still popular. During lockdown we saw a huge increase in the sale of masturbators and anal toys, I guess customers had plenty of time to experiment with sex toys. Now lockdown is over we are back to selling lots of underwear, harnesses and fetish gear. People are getting ready to play, YAY!

GLL: Any highs and lows?

Plenty of both. Highlights for sure are our customers, such an eclectic bunch of great people! We have plenty that call us up to place orders or just have a chat and they have many a story to tell. It makes you realise how different people are and all with their own beauty. Brexit was not our favourite time, especially for our European suppliers and customers. It is now beginning to fall into place again, but it took a while to work our way through the new regulations regarding shipping to the EU.

GLL: How about the future, what does that hold for esmale?

More of the same really, we are happy with the way things are and the customers we have. We will continue to add new products we know people will enjoy. Technology is providing lots of new app-based toys and we have also seen some great new fashion and fetish brands that we will be adding. There is plenty of pleasure we will be providing and as always, we will have a strong focus on our customers. 

This sums up part of the chat we had amidst all the madness of running an online adult store. As it is their anniversary, they have discounted many products on the store so now is a good time to check out www.esmale.com and see how their items can put a smile on your face.

With love from team esmale!

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