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2023 Gay Adult Trends

OMG, I cannot believe we are approaching the end of 2023 already, it has gone mad fast! I get stressed at looking at what is ahead as that means planning and that kind of thing freaks me out. So, to avoid all that let’s have a look at what 2023 was all about in terms of male sex toys, poppers, fetish, play habits and more.

We have gone all hardcore!
2023 certainly was a year in which we seemed to enjoy various hardcore sex tools. Not only did most customers buy bigger anal toys for men than the year before but we also saw a trend in more fetish toys like sounding, C&B torture and nipple play. We haven’t done any research or anything, but I think this might have something to do with there no longer being a taboo around using sex toys, plus guys are these days more easily confronted with hardcore sex. Either online or during sexual encounters. Nothing seems to be off the table anymore.

We do love a bit of technology!
Another thing that stood out was that people are spending more on premium products and new technology. From hands-free masturbators, and rotating dildos to app-based toys we are choosing higher-quality products. In many ways, this might work out cheaper. Premium products will outlast value products so your money will go further. For example, an Oxballs cockring will outlast a basic cock ring by approximately 3 times making it the cheaper option even though at first sight you might feel it is a bit pricey. If you are new to buying a certain type of toy maybe a cheaper option might be good, just to test if you like the sensation and progress from there. Another thing that was new this year is Pentyl Poppers,  a new formula that many seem to enjoy. Berlin XXX and Power Rush are still the best sellers, but this is definitely one to try if you like to test something new.

We love showing off some flesh!
The next trend we noticed is in the ‘sexy wear’ area. More and more customers seem to want underwear that either has easy access, shows off your ass or is bulge-enhancing underwear.

What we love the most is that people are showing it off and tagging us on social media. We get to see our customers and what they look like in their gear. Some of the posts are so sexy we use them as promotional material if consented to of course. So keep sharing these and tagging us, we will be watching!

Harnesses are another way of showing off more flesh. Who needs a t-shirt if you can rock out with your chest out in a sexy harness? When we first started esmale it was mainly leather harnesses that were sold and mostly worn as a fetish. This is no longer the case. Fabric harnesses outsell leather now and are worn on a night out in a club either on a naked chest or over a t-shirt. 

You know your stuff!
The final trend we see is that our customers are getting more and more knowledgeable which is great for us. People know what they want from their products and are not afraid to ask for us. As a business that has thousands of products, this allows us to focus on sourcing precisely what customers want. The only thing is that everybody wants something else which is why we have so many choices in our store. Price awareness is also growing. Luckily, we buy directly from the source and are very competitive. In addition, we have regular promotions making shopping with us, hopefully, fun and great value.

What about 2024?
As I said in the beginning, I am not keen on looking too far ahead but what I can say is that we have a lot planned for 2024. We will be getting a truckload of new products in all departments and have plenty of promotion and competition in the pipeline. We would not be esmale if we did not have your adult pleasure as the basis of running our business! We want you to get it on, enjoy your play time and look sexy while doing it.

Thank you for 2023 and bring on some serious adult sessions in 2024!

You can find our stores here:

Esmale: https://www.esmale.com/
Poppers: https://www.poppersupershop.com/

With love,


Team esmale.

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