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Decomposing Composers: Dead Good Theatre & Dining

Fancy a bit of classical music while enjoying a unique dining experience? Lambco Productions, the team behind Self Tape and Sauna Boy are launching a range of shows over at The Stage Door Theatre, Drury Lane, where you can enjoy a meal and show starting with Decomposing Composers, this Sunday 28th January, then Sundays and Thursdays at 4pm til 1st August.

Compiled and compèred by Guildhall opera singer and pianist, Sean Jay, together with performances from musicians from the Royal College of Music, this six part series takes a fresh, innovative and often hilarious perspective at six of the greats, including Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Handel.

With a nod to Horrible Histories and Classic FM, and musical performances from some of the best musicians in the country punctuating each show throughout, Decomposing Composers enables a more relaxed and entertaining look at some of the greatest music ever written, and the mad, sad and often beautiful stories behind them.

CastSean Jay with musicians from our leading music conservatoires
CreativesMusical Director: Sean Jay
DatesManic Mozart
Sun 28 Jan

Brilliant Bach
Sun 18 Feb

B*stard Brahms
Sun 31 March, Fri 5 April

Hooray Handel
Sun 14 April, Fri 19 April

Belligerent Beethoven
Sun 2 June, Fri 7 June

Titillating Tchaikovsky
Sun 28 July, Fri 2 August

All performances at 4pm

PricesShow and dining: £36 to £38
Show only: £11 to £17
Concessions: £6 to £12
WarningsHuge amount of talent in one space



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