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Cabaret Interview: Jason Reid chats to Flick!

After this year’s Drag Idol final, I caught up with enby cabaret sensation and proud Essex hun Flick to talk inspiration, The Enby Show and more…

JR: Tell us about your style of performance, and the inspiration behind your look and art?

F: My drag style is very character-based. I grew up watching Linda La Hughes
in Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, and Ab Fab, and being in absolute awe of these fabulously delusional people. I’ve always been drawn to larger-than-life characters, and they’re not hard to come by in Essex. That’s what inspires my look as well; the louder and bigger the better. One day I might wear a beautiful gown like I’m off for a night in Yates, and the next a fully rhinestoned tracksuit.
If I like it I’ll wear it, and I’ll make it work. That’s the working class attitude in me. I also love being able to play with gender norms in my drag. I may look like a gorge Essex mum but that doesn’t mean I need to wear a wig or shave. Drag is dress up and dress up is freeing your imagination.

JR: You’re a major part of The Enby Show which has become a great success. Why do you think it’s so popular?

F: I’m so blessed to be an Enby in residence, and so happy that it is going from strength to strength. It’s the only show dedicated to platforming just non-binary performers in the UK, which is why we get to travel around the country with the show. Non-binary people are everywhere; we have always existed and we deserve to be celebrated and have a safe space to be ourselves. Carrot is the producer who makes sure that every lineup is diverse, which is another reason for its popularity. Being non-binary isn’t exclusively white, regardless of what the media shows, and to see yourself represented onstage is hugely important. The show is a family — I love working with Carrot and Cyro, and that love and support we have for each other shows in our group numbers, and throughout the spirit of the show

JR: What do you love and loathe about the drag/cabaret scene right now? The scene is mostly full of wonderful and supportive people and performers.
I love being able to see someone I know pretty much anywhere I go in London and experiencing that community, love and support, both receiving and giving.

F: The thing I absolutely loathe is that people expect you to look exactly like all the queens on Drag Race, otherwise you’re not doing drag “correctly”. There is no correct way to do drag. It is personal expression, and there is so much more than just queens when it come to drag; there are great kings and things out there, and they should be on more lineups, especially in Soho. ALSO, Drag is expensive so best believe I’m going to wear the same wig or outfit a hundred times until it falls apart. I wish people would support local drag more as well, it’s much more fun.

JR: Your motto in life?

F: I’ve adopted a motto from my beautiful friend, the late L’amour Le Monde: “Always Smiling, Always Will.” Life is incredibly short, and I want to enjoy and celebrate each moment with all the lovely people around me.

The Enby Show is on Thursday 18th August at The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road,
E2 8AS.
Click here to buy tickets.

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